Connect - Overview

The term “Web-to-print” is applied to a wide range of online capabilities used to facilitate online print ordering, file transfer, proofing, order management, approval, statusing, and even prepress, production, and MIS. 

Customer Storefronts

Customer storefronts (also referred to as “Customer portals”, “Business-to-Business storefronts”, or B2B storefronts) provide a range of e-commerce capabilities tailored for servicing large corporate accounts in the print services industry. Create private, secure storefronts branded and tailored for each your corporate customers. When they log in, only their print products will be seen. Create an unlimited number of products, variable data templates, and user accounts. Options to customize the buying experience for your customer include user interface branding, approval workflows, multi-level permissions, and more.


Retail Storefronts (also referred to as “B2C” or “Business-to-Consumer” storefronts) provide a range of printing service e-commerce capabilities tailored for use by the general public. Harness the sales and marketing potential of the Internet with a retail storefront. A highly customizable storefront will allow you to sell your printing services to anybody online, at anytime during the day. Instant pricing calculators, search engine optimization capabilities, and integrating shipping quotes work together to give you a highly professional looking and functioning storefront.

Printers Informational Websites

An informational website is used to provide information about your company and your print services. There is no shopping cart or e-commerce. Having an attractive and informative website is no longer an option in today’s business environment. All too often you will be judged by potential and current customers by your website (or lack thereof!). With Connect by Virtual Data Partners, you can easily create a professional looking website that is sure to make you look good.

Product Personalization, Variable Data Printing, and Interactive Designer

Connect includes the powerful variable data publishing system. Using Connect, your customers can quickly and easily customize, proof, and approve documents directly from a web browser. As the printer, you’ll receive a press-ready PDF file immediately after the order is placed. Think of the time you’ll save and headaches you can avoid by having your customer complete these often tedious steps online. You can focus on what you do best… printing!

Automated Workflow Integrator

Virtual Data Partners is pleased to offer a key link in the move toward “lights out” print production automation: the Connect Automated Workflow Integrator™. With this powerful desktop application, orders and files from your Connect storefronts can be automatically placed into your production environment via hot-folders. When your stores receive an order, Automated Workflow Integrator grabs the order and files and brings them into your production network. Automated Workflow Integrator run unattended 24 x 7 retrieving, filtering, and sorting order files into multiple workflow streams based on product or production requirements. More about the Automated Workflow Integrator.

Integration Services

We understand that systems need to communicate with each other to provide value to you and your customers. Connect’s focus on open architecture and xml based web services opens up integration possibilities with MIS, ERP, and other 3rd party systems.

Professional Services

Connect puts you firmly in the driver’s seat. Our intuitive user interfaces, one-on-one training, documentation, and support channels are all geared to help you manage your Connect system effectively. But we recognize that you may not have the time to do this, or choose to use your time in other ways. Virtual Data Partners offers prompt, affordable professional services to help you in any way possible.

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Software as a Service

Connect web-to-print storefront solutions are delivered as a SaaS (Software as a Service). The SaaS architecture allows us to update the software more frequently than traditional software. The software is hosted in the cloud (the Internet) and is accessed using a web browser. It is a multi-tenant environment, meaning there is a single version of the application, with a single configuration (hardware, network, operating system), used for all “tenants” (our customers). However, each of our customers can customize their own functionality and look-and-feel. For example, having their own branding, logo, colors, content, even the web page layout.